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William Beattie


                While studying at Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States, I wrote an essay about the importance of restoring youth interest in education, and upon doing so realized that I needed to become a teacher. I immediately started working on achieving a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Teaching English in Secondary Schools. During the course of my two degrees, I fell in love with the idea of teaching abroad. A friend of mine told me about his experiences teaching in Budapest and introduced me to a teaching program that would place aspiring teachers in various schools in Budapest or in other parts of Hungary. I’ve now been teaching in Budapest for 5 years.


Why Korosi?

                After spending four years teaching in primary schools in Budapest (three in a public school and one in an international school), I realized that I really wanted to teach in a high school. I was also drawn to Korosi because it had the I.B. program in place, which is a philsophy and style of teaching that I’ve always had a great interest in. Two good friends of mine were already teaching at the school, and several of my former students from the first school I taught at were already attending Korosi as well, so it was a great place for me to come teach.


Teaching Philosophy/Goals:

                I’ve always loved the idea of inquiry-based learning and I believe in the power of the Socratic method. I love for my lessons to be open discussions and debates where the students can learn, not only from me, but from each other as well. Obviously there are times when I have to take over and teach a concept to my students in the more traditional style, but I encourage  open discussion, pair-work, and group-work whenever possible. My goal at Korosi is to apply a different approach to the more traditional methods of teaching to best prepare my students for the myriad different challenges they will encounter in their educational and profressional futures.

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