Kőrösi Magyar Iskola

The Koháry-Method

Invented by Koháry Ilona

The new teaching modell would not be so successful if it had not developed an up-to-date communication-centred method, a method that gives students what they expect: to be able to use the language as soon as possible. The elements in this method are well known in the teaching of other languages as well. The novelty lies in the fact that ours is the first example of examining and systematising the Hungarian language in accordance with the requirements of usage and easier learning, and that the aim of the tuition is not the teaching of the system of the language but the developing of the skills necessary for using the language.

The main features of the HLS method:

  • teaching is in Hungarian, without a mediator language. There is no other possible approach, since Kőrösi has multilingual groups, where a group usually has members with 6 to 8 different first languages.
  • the everyday spoken language is focused on
  • the teaching material is built up logically and recycled, gradually building new elements into the existing corpus, this giving a chance for students to recognise for themselves the analogies and rules of the language. In this sense the method is indicative.
  • attention is paid to socio-psychological and group-dynamics elements, inasmuch as the teacher provides group building activities from the very first minutes, and helps to develop trust, to bring about an open, tolerant and co-operative atmosphere and create warm, spontaneous interactions through varied activites and various language games.
  • instinctiveness, creativity, physical movement
  • These three factors carry a much larger role in language learning than was previously thought. In Kőrösi, there are many „playful” activities in the lessons that help the instinctive, spontaneous learning process through recalling childhood creativity (drawing, singing, movement). Consequently, things become better imprinted and, when necessary, they can be recalled easier.
  • during the courses, along with the playful, communicative lessons, more and more space is provided for serious, traditional language lessons, which achieve results by activating the intelligence of adults. During such lessons the focus of learnung is on the language as such and on the connections within the language system. HLS courses are built around communication classes and grammar classes. We develop all the four language skills (oral, comprehension, reading, writing), but there is another one, the grammatical skill, which we focus on, and this is our method’s uniqueness.
  • variety and interest
  • Our teachers consciously aim to build interesting activities, games, pictures, film and music into the classes. The teaching material itself, the alternation of „playful”’ and „serious” lessons and the various activities within the lessons are also meant to attract and maintain attention.

Finally we need to show how fast, how much more effectvely Kőrösi students learn Hungarian. We do not have exact comparative data but perhaps they are not really necessary, since learning Hungarian is just as time consuming in Kőrösi than anywhere else.

The difference lies in that Kőrösi students are able to use what they have learnt straight away. In the classroom, their communicative skills are developed in such a way that they are willing and eager to use that language outside the classroom as well. And as they find language learning useful, interesting and pleasant, they are not disheartened and make continuous efforts. All of this together is what brings the results.