Kőrösi Magyar Iskola

About us

How do we teach?

Myth 1: The Hungarian language is difficult and unlearnable
Myth 2: Hungarian can be taught by any Hungarian

We are certain that Hungarian can be learned quickly, efficiently and enjoyably, just like any other foreign language, if modern methods and properly prepared teachers are used.
The Kőrösi employs a teaching method that is unique to itself. (Invented by Ilona KOHÁRY) The Koháry-method is a complex educational program. It combines modern communication-centered teaching with traditional teaching tools.

Our classes primarily prepare our learners for everyday life: how to shop, how to travel, how to make a telephone call, how to establish contacts, how to manage at work, in offices and in private life. Alongside the everyday use of language, we put great emphasis on grammar and phonetics, on reading skills and writing skills - and on a knowledge of Hungary itself. At the same time, our goal is to make studying at Kőrösi not just useful for our students, but a pleasurable and memorable experience: there is a wide range of programs for our learners to enjoy while they are on our courses.

Our classes are small (6-8 learners) and backed by the most modern audio and visual equipment, which are a vital part of the process. There is a thorough written and oral entry test, grading our learners from beginner to advanced; this provides entry to the 8 levels we offer to our learners of Hungarian. In addition, we regularly organize work place and private classes upon request.

The classes in the Kőrösi are conducted by highly qualified teachers, who are trained in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. Our directors of studies and mentors are experienced and acknowledged professionals, who help and supervise the educational process.