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2015. 06. 28. 22:51 | Kirandulások, túrák

Velencei angol tábor

Many of us started our summer holiday by going to the English camp in Velence.

The first day we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked and immediately went to the beach. The weather was very hot so everybody jumped in the water. After that we started to play volleyball, the weather turned a little bit cooler and it started to rain but that didn't disturb us. In the evening we went to the hotel again and started to improve our English. We decided to use English as much as possible during our stay.

The next afternoon after the lessons the weather was still hot so we went to the beach. In the evening we went hiking to Sukoro and we saw a pretty nice view; we saw mountains and hills. As we all know, this was an English camp so we played activity and learned some new words in connection with the environment and we went to the pier to see the beautiful sights. We could hear the birds chirping and the canes rustling, and it looked like an idyllic place. On Wednesday we went on a longer trip; we saw the Ingo kövek (Rocking Stones) and beautiful views of Velence.

On Thursday we went on a bicycle tour. First we went to Gárdony by train to rent bikes. We cycled 28 kms. When we arrived at the hotel, everybody was so tired because in the past few days we hadn’t slept too much. After a longer break and lunch we went to the beach again but the weather was quite windy and cold so many of us just ate and bought things, but some of us went into the water. In the evening we celebrated Zsofi's and Panna's birthdays, we bought a big cake because Zsofi just turned 18. At night we were sitting in front of the campfire, we had szalonna. Near our hotel there was a festival (EFOT) so we had music as well.

We were sad that the week came to an end and decided to come again next year.

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