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Luke Skeen

I am originally from the ocean-side town of Newport, Rhode Island in the USA. I became acustomed to meeting foreigners while I was growing up due to the fact that my town had a famous classical music festival where many foreign musicians came to perform and a Naval War College where naval officers from all over the world came to study.
In the academic area, I enjoy logical and language-like systems as both stem from the human desire to play, create, and explore. In university, I kept bouncing from one side of this spectrum to another, but finally emerged with a math degree... and then I turned right around, got an English teaching certificate, and headed to Hungary to explore its foreign language and culture.
However, teaching in high schools in Hungary for 8 years has given me something beyond both logic and creativity: it awakened the compassion within my heart as I found myself caring deeply about the dozens of Hungarian students that I was teaching everyday.
Finally, I also enjoy the logic of music, and I play bass guitar in rock bands outside of school.

I look forward to teaching both English and math this year at Kőrösi because I was so impressed with the quality of the education and the friendly atmosphere when I visited the school last year. Additionally, the large number of extremely kind and intelligent fellow teachers at Kőrösi is something very unique among high schools in Hungary, and I think that this happiness which the teachers here feel while working with one another is reflected outwardly when they teach their students and interact with visitors.

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